How to Access “Clanbuilding for Losers”

Clanbuilding for Losers is a new, serialized novel for UFM. The password to access any chapter is “read.” Why are they password-protected at all? Because these chapters are not yet finalized. That’s right, you have stumbled onto the secret* beta version. The final versions of these chapters will begin posting publicly on UFM in November, 2020. An ebook and paperback version of the complete book are tentatively slated for release in December, 2020.

For now, only the first four parts are available, and any and all comments are most welcome. It is, if the title doesn’t already suggest, a comedic urban fantasy novel with an abundance of fourth-wall breaking. One new chapter will be posted each Friday. Thank you very much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the story!


*”secret” in this case meaning I didn’t plaster it over the front page, not so much that it was impossible to find.

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