What is Urban Fantasy Magazine?
The original UFM was a magazine of short fiction, book reviews, interviews, and discussion of the genre. It was put on indefinite hiatus in 2016, and the domain expired in 2018. I was the editor for the latter half of its life and re-purchased the domain when it became available.

Where can I read the original short stories from UFM?
Some stories were purchased by the previous owner, and I do not have the rights to re-post those. Stories that were purchased by me may still be posted at a later time as “classic” UFM stories, unless the author has requested otherwise. In the meantime, you can find other stories by our previous UFM authors and staff here.

What will be posted on now?
For now, I will be posting book reviews and author interviews only–two reviews and one interview per month. These may include retro reviews (looking back at books published 10+ years ago), new book reviews, and indie book reviews. Indie books will be selected through blog tour programs, which I will post links to with each review. Please do not contact me directly with your book info.

Will UFM be open to short fiction submissions again?
If we open to submissions in the future, we would begin with purchasing very short pieces on an occasional basis. Any updates on this will be posted on the front page as well as my Facebook page.