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Review of Never Date a Siren by Byrd Nash

Never Date a Siren by Byrd Nash
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age category: Young Adult/New Adult
Release Date: November 19, 2019

If you’re in desperate need of a refreshing new series (and who isn’t right now?), College Fae Magic by Byrd Nash may be just what you’re looking for. I was drawn into this first book’s worldbuilding, which I found both concise and engaging.

The story takes place at a rare college where both humans and magical creatures attend classes side-by-side. When Brigit, one of the Fae, more or less decides Logan’s place looks like a good place to stay before they’ve even met each other, my first thought was that she had no sense of boundaries. Or the idea of introducing oneself before suggesting to move in with a potential roommate. Except this is more or less how humans and Fae interact. There’s no doing anything just to be nice or just to be cruel (or at least, there’s not supposed to be–more on that in a second). Instead they operate by what are called the Laws of Civility–when one wants something of another, there is an exchange or deal made, with both sides expected to follow the limitations set out to the letter.

In exchange for his hospitality, Brigit agrees to help free Logan from a debilitating love spell. The siren Sibyl is a troublemaker who enjoys killing the young men she entices by letting them slowly waste away. Not only has Brigit obligated herself to free Logan, she has a personal stake in this, too–if Sibyl continues to disregard the delicate balance between human and Fae relations, Brigit could lose her place at school. Leopold Otto University is one of the few institutions available to non-humans, and with things a bit rocky at home, Brigit has no intention of being kicked out. Yet she also begins to develop a genuine friendship with Logan, and this is part of what gave the story its heart. Humor goes a long way in these types of books, and Never Date a Siren has plenty. But it’s the characters and the world that pull readers in and make them want to stay. I enjoyed Brigit, the world she comes from, and the fun puzzles the book sets up as each deal that’s made is precisely calculated in its wording.

I feel it’s important to note the age range Amazon suggests for the book, which is twelve to eighteen–the standard young adult audience. While certainly this book could be enjoyed by older readers, neither is it inappropriate for younger ones. There’s no attempt to make things edgy for the sake of edginess–just a good, solid story. Middle school readers may not have personal connections to the college experience for a while yet, but Brigit remains relatable.

Rating: 4 out of 5

You can find Never Date a Siren on Goodreads

You can also buy Never Date a Siren: A College Fae magic series 1 on Amazon. (Affiliate link)


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